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, 2020 – 2020

Real Talk About Race

Newest Episode: S01E03
The protests following the killing of George Floyd and others have made race the central conversation in America. While you long for your church to reflect God’s vision for a loving, unified and diverse family, you’re unsure where to begin. In this five-week e-course, you’ll participate in an honest conversation about race and learn how your organization can face the divides in our country with love and unity.
  1. Week 1: Amy Cooper, George Floyd, and Race in America.
  2. Week 2: White Supremacy hurts White People Too.
  3. Week 3: Misconceptions and Deflections.
  4. Week 4: Race and Gender.
  5. Week 5: Race and the Kingdom of God.
Ashley Edelen
Professional Counselor Eric Chang
2020 – 2020

The Power of Praise

Newest Episode: Sermon

In this message, Eric Chang encourages us with three great reasons that will ignite praise in your life.

Crises can come into our lives, especially when we are least expecting them; however, if we seize the opportunity, we can turn our most difficult moments into our best. Pastor Dele shares three insightful opportunities found in crises.