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Christians Following Trump | Following Christ on the MAGA Bus

Plunging into Truth Social on March 18, 2023, I sought to understand Mr. Trump, his followers, and their vision for America. What emerged wasn’t just a political agenda but a searing conviction of a defined, unwavering America fiercely defended by millions including Christians following Christ on the MAGA bus.

His vision isn’t mere words; it’s a roadmap taking shape through rallies and legal battles fueled by his experience of unfair targeting. He addresses the legal system with spirited defense, urging his supporters to do the same.

This is no mere skirmish; for him, it’s a patriot’s fight for freedom, a battle for the nation’s soul fueled by the belief that standing idly by is a betrayal of love for America.

Navigating the MAGA bus

Passengers on a bus
Passengers on a bus

Mr. Trump, like a metaphorical bus driver, navigates his passengers through turbulent times towards his vision for America. Every pothole, detour, and pit stop is a step towards his MAGA promised land. His unwavering resolve and the devotion he inspires are undeniable testaments to the power of his vision. And trust me, this bus is not pulling into the station soon.

While some may disagree, my understanding from Mr. Trump and his followers is that boarding this “victory” bus, as I think he’d proclaim, requires an open mind, fists clenched, and a willingness to embrace the twists and turns. It’s a full-ride commitment, for even the seemingly random layovers and bus stops hold significance in his eyes. Battles won and weathered on the journey may justify every skirmish of loyal patriots.

Ultimately, I see Mr. Trump not as a conventional politician (which would be a colossal misnomer) but as a spirited leader driven by a distinct vision for America motivated by a spirit we’ve yet to see its full manifestation. Whether you agree with his approach or not, his unwavering commitment and the devotion he inspires are undeniable. Being on Truth Social for more than 12 months helped me wrestle with this reality as well as the reality of his transition from leader to warrior as he declared at CPAC.

From leader to warrior, Trump promises justice and retribution.


Below is an excerpt from The Hill, a political website featuring Mr. Trump’s speech during the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in National Harbor, Md., on Saturday, March 4, 2023.

“We have no choice… our country will be lost forever,” his words resonated with fervent supporters at the CPAC conference.

“This is the final battle… Either they win, or we win… and if they win, we no longer have a country.”

“He positions himself as a warrior in a battle for Washington’s” “retribution.” “I am your warrior, I am your justice, and for those who have been wronged and betrayed, I am your retribution,” he declared.

Mr. Trump’s promised land beckons, a less-traveled path that tests boundaries and challenges traditional norms in politics and faith. For those who confess Jesus as Lord, will each detour, each bump on this unveiled path, cross a Jesus rubicon or will the leader turned warrior navigate with surgeon like precession the scriptural crossroads that lie ahead?

For Christians on the MAGA bus, the journey presents a complex reality, balancing their faith with political allegiance. Will their commitment to both remain strong, or will tensions arise?

Exploring scriptural crossroads for Christians on the MAGA bus

MAGA Hat over bible

These are not easy choices, but for Jesus’ disciples, the path forward demands deep reflection, discernment, open dialogue, and prayer at every stop. Grappling with these choices, whether to remain passive or, when necessary, step off the MAGA bus to follow the path of Christ.

This nuanced approach, where righteousness and justice coexist with critical analysis and respectful disagreement, is the bold place of being a witness to Jesus, which is crucial in today’s political landscape. Especially for those disciples walking the halls of power.

Embracing this complexity with the grace and truth exemplified by Jesus is paramount. Being a witness is “letting our lights shine.” Witnesses of Jesus face a moral maze where earthly allegiances may clash with divine commands. Scripture illuminates the path for an accident free journey – their ultimate loyalty lies with God, not any temporal ruler.

Tracing the sacred way

To remain aligned with Jesus, believers must distinguish between person and policy, honoring leaders while upholding righteousness and justice; this is not a paradox but an essential component to remaining aligned with the Spirit of Jesus. It is written “Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and to God what belongs to God.”

Christians can navigate the sacred way of Jesus by appreciating a leader’s positive attributes while acknowledging possible biblical unrighteousness, framing any call to repentance and righteousness around core Jesus principles in light of factual behavior patterns that oppose them rather than personal attacks on the leader (Romans 12:18). We can honor our faith and civic responsibility by skillfully engaging in this nuanced way. How will you, as a disciple of Christ, navigate this challenge?

Before the heat of political discourse engulfs you, it’s crucial to ask: what narratives and principles from Scripture will guide your discernment?

A series of contemplative bus stops for Christians on the MAGA bus

Trump Bus

Following Christ on the MAGA bus, disciples of Jesus will have to navigate a divided America. Courage becomes their compass if the road ahead curves towards detours that would drown out the cries of the “least of these,” pave the way for injustice, or ignite the flames of strife and sedition (works of the flesh condemned in Galatians 5:20); this doesn’t mean abandoning the MAGA bus’s destination but holding fast to righteousness, even if it means facing disapproval or stepping off the bus if it crosses a Jesus rubicon; holding fast to righteousness, even in the face of disapproval or alienation, defines the journey of Christians on the MAGA bus.

Contemplative MAGA bus stop #1: “Loyalty versus Faith: The MAGA bus screeches to a halt, the air thick with chants of ‘Loyalty!’ speaking out against unrighteous behavior is seen as a betrayal of the movement, a wrench thrown into the engine of unity. Disciples clutch their faith, whispering courage prayers as they weigh loyalty against conscience.

Contemplative MAGA bus stop #2: “Sole proprietor of truth.” The MAGA bus lurches to a stop, the leader’s booming voice declaring himself the ‘sole proprietor of truth.’ A ripple of unease rolls through the passengers. For some, it’s a soothing balm of certainty, a reassuring proclamation. For others, it’s a suffocating claim of ultimate power that stands juxtaposed in the face of democracy and the teachings of Christ.

Contemplative MAGA bus stop #3: The MAGA bus idles, and tension is untenable. An unfavorable judicial ruling blows a head gasket on the MAGA bus– the idle turns into a dead stop, thus unleashing a roar of fury. Fists clenched-knuckles white, patriots ready to fight, will they become instruments of retribution, striking the first physical violent blow in response to the damage done to the MAGA bus needed to save the soul of America?

For Christians on the MAGA bus, the journey presents a complex reality, balancing their faith with political allegiance. Will their commitment to both remain strong, or will tensions arise?

As a fellow disciple of Jesus, my heart is with the disciple faced with the possibilities of these contemplative MAGA bus stops. I constantly pray that scriptures be the lamp illuminating their path at every Jesus rubicon.

A Believers’ faithfulness to Jesus’ Lordship on the MAGA bus is not just a passive passenger but a guiding beacon, when needed, illuminating alternative routes for the MAGA bus and reminding everyone that their true allegiance lies in Jesus’ Kingdom Rule, a heavenly north star pointing toward a brighter future leading them closer to Christ’s path, not the MAGA promised land alone.

Remember, these are not intrinsically linked destinations– to believe otherwise is a dangerous misunderstanding. As Matthew 6:24 reminds us, “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate and love or be devoted to and despise the other.”

The ultimate question


If the MAGA bus veers off course from a path aligned with Jesus’ Teachings, how might the disciples of Jesus a) confirm and identify this departure and b) navigate this challenging situation? Would they continue riding, hoping to influence the direction, or would they feel compelled to disembark and pursue a different path aligned with their faith?

If the MAGA bus veers off course from a path aligned with Jesus’ teachings, how might the disciples of Jesus a) confirm and identify this departure and b) navigate this challenging situation? Would they continue riding, hoping to influence or…

This thought-provoking question raises an even more challenging question for believers on this journey: Will the MAGA bus, pursuing its MAGA promised land, leave room for those prioritizing their faith to disembark when needed and get back on the bus when needed?

To truly magnify Jesus in the political landscape, christians must be rooted in the biblical narratives of righteousness and justice. By expanding their knowledge and deepening their allegiance to Jesus, christians on the MAGA bus can make informed choices that reflect the teachings of Jesus and contribute honorably to the MAGA destination.

Of course, not everyone will share these concerns, and open dialogue is crucial to understanding diverse perspectives on these complex issues.

This article aims to bring Christians on the MAGA bus into awareness of the potential to make the MAGA promise land, should it veer into the aforementioned bus stops, an Idol that seduces them into unfaithfulness to Jesus, their Lord.

To be a Christian, navigating the political landscape requires unwavering courage. Holding to the values of the Gospel while engaging with complex political realities, including those within the MAGA movement, will be the test of allegiance.

Choosing Love & Unity on the MAGA bus

multi-color rocks

Our sister organization, the Love and Unity Project, has taught us a great deal in that Love & Unity, if it is to be established in America, must venture on the highways of truth, righteousness, justice, to establish peace and these highways will remain open on route to the MAGA promise land.

Christians on the MAGA bus journey will necessitate choices, discerning where to stand firm and where to gracefully step off the MAGA bus, all while keeping love & Unity found in Christ as their compass.

The emphasis is not necessarily a call to abandon the MAGA bus but about aligning actions with the teachings of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, regardless of political affiliation.

This can be messy, nuanced, and fraught with tension, but through this critical engagement, Christians on the MAGA bus, can contribute to a righteous society should they choose to let the light of Christ shine.

The choice is theirs for the world to witness. The posture of christians on the MAGA bus in this leg of the “race of faith” will echo louder than any Sunday Church gathering or revival service in 2024 and beyond; it will forever be recorded in history.

In the words of Tump “This is the final battle,” “They know it, I know it, You know it, everybody knows it.” In this so called “final battle,” may christians on and off the MAGA bus not take part in destroying one another in the battle for the soul America.

I’d like to end with the words of wisdom The Apostle Paul spoke to the church in Galatian, when they were in the midst of challenges “You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh; rather, serve one another humbly in love. For the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”If you bite and devour each other, watch out or you will be destroyed by each other.” By following the Apostle Paul’s message of civility by walking in the Spirit, Christians can create a powerful force for good in this political season, not devour each other, and be a light in the midst of great darkness.

OlaDele Okuwobi

Dele Okuwobi, founder of Wonder Association, envisions co-laboring with Jesus build the most compelling movements that drive the church’s transition to Jesus’ message about the Kingdom of God by the end of the 21st Century. This vision unfolds through 21st Century Church, a church plant launched in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 2020, and the Love & Unity Project, a consulting and coaching agency that equips churches and organizations to combat personal and systematic bias through righteousness and justice. Their combined efforts aim to inspire lasting change and transformation, both within individuals and within the broader church community. serves as a global platform to amplify this vision, where they craft and mold a collection of messages to share the good news of the Kingdom of God and shift culture.

Disclaimer: The author and 21st Century Church does not fully identify with any specific political party. The authors’s focus is seeking what is righteous and just within every political stance, illuminating both alignment and misalignment with the teachings of Christ. Our ultimate goal is to contribute to a world where truth, justice, and righteousness prevail, guided by Christ’s message.