We share the good news of the Kingdom of God through messages that awaken life. We offer answers and solutions for spiritual, physical, and emotional matters, exposing conversations at the bottom of the iceberg. Our messages go beyond religion to include Kingdom themes like respect, equality, lighter loads, liberty, provision, protection, family, health, solutions, and true identity.


What is Worship

Relationships & Work

Work vs. THE Work

Our Worship Week 1

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The Why of Saturation

What Saturation Looks Like

The Cruciality of Honor

The Damage Dishonor Can Do

Honor in Relationships

Mrs. Jane Martin

Nathan & Tori Gay

Mr. Adam Becker

Family & Collective Trauma

The Office of a Prophet

Team Grace vs. Team Law

Confronting Injustice

Walking by Faith

Living Out Grace and Law

Do Everything with Love


Praying in Tongues


Wealth is a Gift