The Residency at 21st Century Church

Ready to unleash your God-given leadership potential? This multifaceted initiative equips you to take your next step towards fulfilling God’s calling for your life. Through an enriching blend of apprenticeship, mentorship, and practical projects, you’ll discover the true meaning of leadership, grounded in Ephesians 4 principles and relevant for today’s church, business, and personal relationships.s. This two-year program is broken down into six three-month quarters.

Our reimagined ecclesiology framework will guide you in developing essential leadership skills, including communication, strategic thinking, and team building. Prepare to be pushed beyond your comfort zone – that’s where true transformation happens.

Foundations of Authentic Leadership: building your inner compass

  1. Ignite Your Spark: Uncover your unique strengths, passions, and leadership potential, unleashing your authentic voice and mandate
  2. Inner Landscape: Journey inwards to release limiting beliefs and patterns, paving the way for wholeness, healthy relationships, and personal growth.
  3. The Art of Authentic Leadership: Define, embrace, and embody authentic leadership, distinguishing it from manipulation and control. Discover the power of inspiration.
  4. Leading from Within: Master the essential rhythms and disciplines for self-leadership, building a solid foundation for leading effectively in every realm.
  5. Virtues for High-Functioning Teams: Cultivate the essential virtues that create a thriving, collaborative, impactful leadership environment.
  6. Prepare: Discover your next step in fulfilling God’s calling, whether in the marketplace, local church, or anywhere He leads, you feel passionate about, or are gifted for.
  7. Launch: Launch: Birth Your Calling with Confidence – Setting Sail with Proofs, Faithfulness, and Support (including ordination if desired)

Invest in your leadership journey:

Launch your leadership journey with The Residency, a two-year program broken down into actionable three month quarterly sessions. Each quarter features engaging online learning, group discussions, and personalized coaching, equipping you with the skills and confidence to make a lasting impact.

  1. Time Commitment:
    • 2-hour weekly group sessions: Connect with fellow leaders and learn from expert trainers.
    • 2 hours weekly coursework: Deepen your understanding through curated materials and exercises.
    • one monthly personal training session: Get personalized guidance and support from a dedicated coach.
  2. Investment: 
    • The residency cost is $300 for three months. We offer flexible payment options and scholarships to ensure accessibility.

Residency options

  1. Embedded Residency:  This option requires the resident to train and learn at 21st Century Church Cincinnati.   The resident will learn the “nuts and bolts” of leading a mature church. The embedded residency also provides practical experience within the ministry departments at 21st Century Church and with partner ministries.
  2. Distance Residency:  This option allows the resident to remain in their chosen location while participating in a weekly virtual leadership residency. 
  3. Hybrid Residency: This option allows the resident who lives within two hours of 21st Century Church Cincinnati to establish a hybrid of embedded and distance residency. 

Residency start date 

  1. Application for the Leadership Residency should be submitted between November 1 and December 7, 2023. Residency starts Monday, February 5, 2024.
  2. Application for the Leadership Residency should be submitted between March 1 and April 28, 2024. Residency starts Monday, May 6, 2024.

Ready to embark on your leadership journey? Contact us to learn more!