Real Talk About Race: Misconceptions and Deflections There are many misconceptions about race that derail productive conversations. In this teaching, we explore how to address comments such as, “what about black on black crime?”, “race is a sin issue, not a skin issue,” and more so that we can talk to each other instead of past each other on issues of race.

The protests following the killing of George Floyd and others have made race the central conversation in America. While you long for your church to reflect God’s vision for a loving, unified and diverse family, you’re unsure where to begin. In this five-week academy, you’ll participate in an honest conversation about race and learn how your congregation can face the divides in our country with love and unity.

With the proper definition of race, we can begin to see how having a hierarchy of race hurts everyone, even those situated at the top of the hierarchy. In this talk, we will unpack the origins and dangers of the ideology of white supremacy, as well as the unlikely places where this ideology shows up.

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